Damp Hill Climb Fun

As the summer racing season draws to a close its time for the winter racing to take over and unless you are Australian then its time to think mud and hills and possibly both together. Combine the British  cycling cultures love of time trials and short, steep climbs making up for the countries general lack of mountains and you get the unique Hill Climb season.

Generally starting in late September/early October they take the risk of running foul the British weather, last years was cold but sunny…sadly this year was pretty damp but thankfully a bit warmer.


As you can see umbrella and Hi-Viz definitely required for all the Organisers

Only being the second year and perhaps affected by the forecast it was a little under subscribed but those who were able to make it put on a good show for the camera.

I never like shooting in poor weather, mainly because my technique is never quite good enough and when you are working next to some of the full time Pro’s it tends to get embarrassing. Today was no exception but at least they mostly came out well, at least when i gave up on a long lens and swapped to a widie and some flash


Hopefully avoiding a clash with another local Hill Climb an afternoon start time we can convince some more people out….especially some women would love to need a Top 10 results sheet for it.