TDF by-proxy…working late vicariously through others…

Yet another Tour de France has come around, and for another year i am still in the UK. The last one was easier to miss a serious injury, a pair of crutches and a pandemic was far enough out of my control to sit back and enjoy the racing.

The upside of being at home was i actually got to see the race, start to finish coverage is a revelation all the early action that gets skipped over when you just jump to a group ahead and the peloton cruising their way through the kilometres.

Working at bike races can be fun and working at a Grand Tour is another level, but don’t think if you are taking photos of the race that you actually see the race or know what’s going on. Its not like the team cars with a tv showing the coverage there are days where all you know is who crossed the line first bouncing from a panoramic shot early in the stage and then jumping in a car and driving twice the distance of the race to get to the finish

Tour de France 2018 Stage 8 Dreux – Amiens -The yellow jersey of Greg Van Avermaet can be seen as the peloton passes by the Notre-Dame des Andelys in Les Andelys
Tour de France 2018 Stage 8 Dreux – Amiens Dylan Groenewegen (Lotto Jumbo) taking his second stage win into Amiens

This year is slightly different…no crutches, although i really don’t think i could keep up with all the walking and hours standing entailed just yet. COVID is probably having the biggest impact, followed by brexit, still a few weeks away from getting my second vaccine leaves me a little nervous to be throwing myself into a massive public event. Having spent most of the pandemic at home with crutches i might need to ease myself back into large crowds…and it wasn’t something i really enjoyed previously anyway.

So i’m going to skip the need for quarantine, all the effort of travelling, even the effort of taking the photos myself while still enjoy the chance to stare at a laptop and edit some photos late into the evening…you know the fun part of the job.

On the upside the bits i will not miss, the bits that most of the media that work the tour accept

  • spending an hour trying to find the random hotel you booked because it was the only one with rooms within 100kms of the next day’s stage
  • missing the restaurant kitchen closing time and eating what ever random unhealthy snacks you’ve loaded into the car
  • swapping chargers around as there’s only one plug socket in the hotel room
  • trying to find wifi (preferably one that’s free and fast
  • trying to find clean and dry clothes…when its hot, cold, wet and all things in between
beer, laptop and photos…

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