Strava baiting

On the bank holiday weekend and for the first time in 147 days i rode a bike outside…and it was glorious, I had forgotten the sense of freedom bestowed upon you being on two wheels.

It was so enjoyable, that barely an hour later with some more suitable cycling attire on I went out for the second time. In fact it’s been a part of every single day since….the weather has contributed in no small part to that.

Although I’ve kept it low distance and local it means I’m riding the same segments again and again and by the very nature of Strava ended up comparing it to pre-injury. Thankfully I’m sanguine enough about my recovery to know that I’m going to be slower, although as it’s turning out over some short distances not that much slower, which is quite satisfying.

I try not to take Strava too seriously, segments are a bit of fun competition to spice up the odd ride, compete against myself or just enjoy some free speed from stonking tailwind. But there are some that their segment trophy case is their pride and joy…it’s a matter of reputation to keep that number 1 spot. There’s a local legend around my area who’s gone out and claimed as many segments as he can…much to the chagrin of a few. You could say he’s possibly taken it a bit too far and is rumoured to have broken a bone or two in that quest and since cut back on the devil-May-care attitude. That gap has now been filled by riders claiming a moment of pride to take one back.

Now the key to taking a segment isn’t just in choosing the ride conditions (hands up who knows where the nearest flag is to check wind direction) it’s about attitude, The snappy ride title that sets the scene, you weren’t really trying and it’s almost surprise “oh was there a segment there..”

It’s hard to tell who means it sincerely and who means it ironically, and a dangerous path to walk to the full “Strava wanker”.

From personal experience, ignoring a few accidental ones, I tried damn hard for any segment I’ve claimed and know that with the data on Strava there’s no hiding it so don’t even try.

So i thought I’d try a little experiment and see who the really competitive riders are near me.

I’ve found the most obscure road possible can that doesn’t have a segment already and create one, with the least effort possible and leave the bait and see who bites. The cruel plan is hopefully they only claim it by a few seconds so that I can take it back and see how many times it changes hand.

Given it’s a dead end anyone riding it is going to have to make a special detour…let the baiting begin…

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