Strava Scenting and other sins of the modern age

Having moved house recently i have had to say goodbye some some local roads that were my “go to” for a quick spin round the block. Its not that i’ve moved that far, its not even like i won’t ride them ever again or even very irregularly, they are on my commute and they aren’t actually that far away just not close enough for a quick spin if the wind is right (some people know what i mean).

Now i would like to tell myself that i have honourable intentions, and its probably mostly correct. There is definitely a collecting mentality to my cycling, collecting memories of places i have been and sights to be seen.

Valkenburg worlds circuit

The one feature that i prize on strava, that doesn’t have a directly competitive element, is the the Heat maps, its a great record of the places i have been and ridden, run, skied, basically anywhere i’ve recorded an activity, While i haven’t taken the opportunity to have my bike with me on many of my bike race photographic adventures there are still some reasonable miles logged

The darker the blue, turning into red, the more times those roads have been ridden and i love looking back at the thin blue lines and working out where and when those rides happened and remembering the fun times i had in those places.

This is probably not an uncommon occurrence but for slightly different reasons, for those with the right kind of competitive spirit and also the legs to back it up there will be a lot of “Strava Scenting” but almost always combined with “Segment Hunting”. Depending on how sociable you are will depend on how familiar the names in the top 10 of any given Stava segment are to you. You can take a good guess at the circumstances. Quite a few of the segments on my rides often have names and places on the same date, which only jumps to one conclusion…a team ride.

Some may argue that technology is ruining cycling, with governing bodies writing regulations stipulating weight, geometry and general shape of a bike, even the height ones socks should be. Power meters provide plenty of column inches and how they are ruining cycling with professional riders deemed to be competing like robots, not riding to the race but riding to the numbers.

Given the trickle down effect the same could be said for ameuter cycling although maybe not in the same way, the battle ground is a lot wider and the playing field less level.

Take a look at yourself or the cycling loved one in your life and check off some of the following.

Aero socks

Aero jersey

Aero Helmet

Leaving bottles, tool kit and any other ballast behind…or at least in a compact package ready to ditch in a safe place

the final sin….checking the wind direction before setting out…this is the final and most cardinal sin…and yes there are web sites which will help you plan the best day to “attack that KOM..”

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