Do Zwifters dream of electric bikes

Indoor training isn’t new but indoor training that is bearable for more than
10 minutes certainly is. This is something we should all be grateful for but 
apparently this is does not fit with the general consensus of opinion in the
cycling community.

For those that know me would probably describe me as a fussy fair weather
cyclist and to some extend i would happily agree with them but there is some
logic behind this, and maybe a bit of laziness.

                    cycling triangle

This is not to say that i haven’t braved all sorts of conditions to ride my bike and that’s probably just to prove, at least to myself, that i can ride in any weather, to appropriate the unofficial creed of the US posties (and yes i do appreciate the irony of this) ” Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…”

If you are trying to do a structured training plan then why not take the stress out of it and concentrate on the goal of completing the session. Anyone who could do an hour and a half of Over Unders on the open roads of west sussex has my upmost respect and if you could “kudos” a ride more than once i would definitely go into double figures. i can’t imagine watching the training plan flit between intervals while avoiding potholes, junctions, cars and other road hazard you can think of.

During this winter i could probably count on the fingers of one hand how many times i rode outside (ignoring a little winter sun break). While i may have been depriving myself of some company i wasn’t depriving myself of vitamin d. The wet and miserable British winter was probably a contributing factor to any increase in sales of smart trainers and Zwift subscriptions. Not everyone can spend their winter in the warmth of Canaries or Calpe and i don’t hear anyone foolish enough to tell the pro’s to HTFU when they spend as much time in sunshine as possible,.

This year i have definitely seen pro’s on training camps riding their turbos to avoid some horrendous conditions

So this summer, autumn and winter i won’t be cancelling my Zwift subscription and i may even ride indoors on nice days…you never know i might even do some E-Racing. Every time i do this i will be dreaming of the open road, the freedom of spirit that cycling gifts me as that’s the purpose of training for me, so I’ll sign of with some words of wisdom (although possibly bending his words to my own purpose)

Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride
Eddy Merckx


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