KM0 Let the journey Begin

The Pro’s will be racing 3,351 kilometres, two rest days and we could round that up to 3,400 kilometres. It’s not going to be easy for them, the average speed will be somewhere around 40 kph (25 mph in proper units). But some of it will be easy for them…finish the stage and they will be ushered onto the team bus, to the hotel and generally be looked after. For those two horrendous transfers they will be flying…probably met on the runway at either end and once again ushered to their hotel.

This tour i’ll be keeping a count of how many miles, or as its Europe kilometers, I’ve covered (not including bike rides) from the point i leave home to the point i get back to my own bed.

The teams have been presented and before a single pedal had been turned in anger yet and i’ve already covered almost 400 miles or 643 kilometres.

By the time the first stage is done it’s going to be a lot more….

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