Tour count down

The nights are longer, the days are warmer..that can only mean one thing…its almost July, the peak of summer. That, in turn can only mean one thing it Tour time.

I’m making a big assumption, which sometimes is a poor assumption, that when i say the Tour (note the capitalisation) that people know what i am referring to. It’s not overly helpful that the french and english words for tour are exactly the same, when you say the Giro or the Vuelta and the strange word raises eye brows and a question.

More often than not, people know that i ride bikes and also know of the Tour but   its clear from the follow up questions that might not entirely understand the concept. The conversationsusually goes

“i’m away in july at the Tour”

“wow you’re riding it”

“i’m not riding it…i’m working…taking photos”

So with only a few weeks to go its time to put the finishing touches to all the prep work, double check all the accommodation and make sure we’re not going to spend a night sleeping in a car, count how many changes of underwear you have.

For me i’m also working out what days i’ll get to ride my bike and try and engineer them to maximize those rides for the most fun, which mainly equals mountains.


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