Spring Classics prep work..how much is too much stuff

There a parts of any job which are less fun than others and as a photographer there are a few “less fun” parts that could easily put you off, standing in the cold and the wet, standing in the blazing sun, standing in the snow, standing in the mud…and sometimes for less than 30 seconds worth of action

Because i am a delicate flower and i like to know i can stay as dry and warm as possible it means i am very susceptible to Over Packing Syndrome. For the frequent incredulous looks at how full my bags are i try and convince people that my time in the Cubs and the Scouts meant that “Be Prepared” was an important and sensible motto to live by.

If i add a ride into a trip as well, add another wardrobe to take as well, you never know what the day might bring. Spring can be so variable that I’ve gotten soaked one day and been in bright sunshine the next.

When you combine this with photographic gear it can make for an eye watering luggage cost when flying or a house moving effort to load and unload the car.

Looking around i can see there are two schools of thought the minimalists and the maximalists, the former looking smug as the stroll around unencumbered by 4 camera bodies, 2 Telephoto lens, a monopod, a tripod and a seat and those that are trudging round buried under more kit than they could use.

Whether this leads to better photos or not i am not sure, i’ll see if i can do some surreptitious research at the Tour this year…

On that note its Roubaix this weekend….time to do some packing



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