Off season fun…or lack there of

As soon as the sunshine vanishes from the U.K. (no need for jokes about it never appearing required) my enthusiasm for social media wanes.

Turning green with envy is never a good look but it’s hard not to when you have winter and summer sports you love both participating in and photographing.

It’s starts snowing and the skiers start coming out and the desire to bring skiing and also taking pictures of pristine snow or even that chance to catch top level athletes being awesome. This is even harder in an Olympic year when the worlds best athletes and photographers pop up to hammer the awesomeness home.


At the same time our Antipodean cousins start enjoying their summer. Training and racing before it’s warm enough to want to ride outside should be banned.

The closer it gets to spring and the formal start of the Northern European season the harder it is. The Warmer winter training camps kick off and the Sandy Classics start in the Middle East.

We know being a pro definitely has its down sides, living out of a suitcase, weeks away from home and family…but its easy to forget that when all you see is summer kit and all you see when looking out the window is rain, grey skies or if its cold enough snow and ice.

Don’t worry though the spring classics always have the potential to give you a reality check, 2016’s Liege Bastogne Liege certainly managed that snow storms in April

The Peloton rolls past the snow fields that have lined the early

I’m looking forward to what climate change brings us for this years Spring classics…and as i plan on some training on the day before the race i’d like at least some sunshine.

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