Tales from the Tour…Le Grand Depart Part 2

A note for the next time i am in Germany….don’t expect to function early in the morning after drinking too much beer, its as strong as the Belgian stuff but the don’t seem to have the same restraint when it comes to the quantity its served in….none the less i still went out and rode the course…even in the morning drizzle the joy of closed roads is not one to be dismissed.


Two laps round the circuit did little inspire anything from the river side course, the grey clouds rolling in off the Rhine were not helping and the small puddles starting to form on the course were more likely to causes crashes than dramatic scenes of maximum effort


So after two laps and being mistaken for a pro-rider doing a recce and having pushed as hard as i dared on the slippery roads i headed back to gear up for what looked like a very wet day.

With little to choose from i plonked myself on the exit from the first corner, stuck the long lens on the camera tucked as much as could under waterproof layers and hunkered down for a long afternoon.

you know its wet when the rains drops are heavy enough to catch the camera focus instead of the rider…


Tour de France 2017  Stage 1 Dusseldorf

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