Sunshine and finally some mist in the forest of the Zombie Apocalypse

When Roubaix comes around i look forward to it for two reasons, firstly for the awesome and heroic racing that awaits on the Sunday, but also for the chance to ride some of my favourite roads (second only to the Valkenburg worlds circuit).

The quiet roads of the Compiègne forest are so peaceful its leaves plenty of time for the brain to wander.


This little snip from google earth shows just how many roads and paths are lurking in the forest. Not all of them are suitable for a road bike, but on a gravel bike you really could go crazy.

Given my love of Zombie movies it was no wonder that the first thought that sprung to mind when presented with the scene below was the Zombie Apocalypse

Just add some groaning walking corpses stumbling out of the mist and you’ve got an episode of the walking dead. Nothing like that to spur you on as you sprint up a few punchy little rises the litter the forest…like one of the few english named strava segments

Climbed Enough to drop the Zombies

But for anyone who doesn’t love Zombies this does the area a disservice, there is some more conventional beauty to be found on the quiet roads of the area, nothing but fields (and, if you squint, a castle)


But in a last ditch attempt to make sure people weren’t put off the forest for fear of the Zombies…if you get up early enough then the sunrise looks beautiful breaking through the trees and the mist

IMG_2435 (Edited)

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