LBL … queen of the classic’s weather

As to be expected from spring, the weather is as dynamic as the racing often bringing an extra challenge to the day.

For all the disappointment of a warm, sunny and ultimately dusty Roubaix Liege has often made up for it with some truly awful weather, almost like the parcel was delivered too late. or the sunshine package sent too early.

The times i have gone through at least 3 seasons in the weeks of the spring classics, from torrential rain at Milan San Remo to blistering sunshine at Roubaix

EMP - Paris Rouabix - a few riders chasing the disappearing pelo

Last year’s edition was almost the pinnacle of last years weather, delivering a blizzard of epic proportions. The snow covered many fields and villages on the first 100km’s of the course, and one very exposed road giving way swirling vision of white.

As the day wore on the weather had rallied slightly and we ended up with bedraggled riders


michael albasini, (Orica Greenedge) leads the race up the cobble

for the love of sunshine and for all the fair weather cyclists out there i hope the forecast for this weekend improves and brings some glorious sunshine and weather

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